As a DGCERT Registrars Approved Partner (DRAP's) your company demonstrates a strong commitment to professional Requirements Accredited Certification Body - worldwide. The partnership organisation are shown on the accreditation body website and directly linked to the partner's website.

Specific certificate material, such as specially designed seals, invisible ink, audit report forms, financial condition part of the partnership agreement with DGCERT Registrars UK LTD.


All DRAP's work closely with DGCERT Registrars UK LTD. international standards, and attend various conferences and webinars. So unlike other Certification Bodies, DRAP's have the most up to date information about the Global Standards and the certification scheme.

The DRAP's can provide ongoing guidance and training to DGCERT Registrars UK LTD. and technical staff, and will help you achieve and maintain your certification. Through a interactive web applications can make input your new clients, send audit reports, update your auditors and print the certificates, so you can rest assured all application is of the highest quality and fast.

    We opened up the opportunity to partner with the following countries:

  • ASIA: Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Japan & Korea
  • EUROPE & CANADA: United States, Italia, Canada, France
  • AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST: India, United Arab Emirates, Egypt

United Kingdom



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