Penanganan Keluhan

DGCERT Registrars UK LTD. bertanggung jawab untuk menerima pengaduan dan banding dari klien/pihak lain. Mereka berkonsultasi dengan staf kantor dan auditor yang bertanggung jawab untuk penanganan, validasi dan analisis keluhan dan banding untuk kepuasan dari klien/pihak lain

In case of a complaint / observation shall determine the root cause and determine correction, corrective action.
  • The possible complaints are:
    • Administration - problems with appointments, certification files, certificates issued or issued late,
    • Auditor / subcontractor problems with incomplete audit or surveillance documentation
    • Partnerships / Agents / Branches – problems with general compliance with DGCERT Registrars UK LTD. administration or audit procedures
  • The correction is effected immediately to satisfy the complainant. This may include training / counseling the person involved. The CAPA is discussed with management during next Management Review. Appropriate action is taken based on discussions (change in procedure / formats, training to all personnel etc). An email is sent out to all staff detailing the issue and remedial action (for information). A copy of the complaint and investigation details is maintained in the respective individual’s personnel file for reference at the performance appraisals.
  • In case of a complaint / observation against a certified client, the Quality Manager studies the complaint and discusses with the auditor (last audit). If the complaint is found genuine and valid i.e. indicates a system failure, the complaint is sent to the client for a response. No confidential reports or information will be sent to complainants without written permission from the client. Adequate time is given to the client for response. If required, Quality Manager follows up with the client for the response. Depending on the response, Quality manager may decide to
    • Write to the complainant about the response and asks for his response.
    • Ask further clarification from the client
    • Depute an auditor to personally visit the client and investigate for system failure. Such visit shall be considered as special visit and charged to client.
    • Request a joint meeting with client, complainant and DGCERT Registrars UK LTD.
  • Quality manager shall communicate with the complainant at the end of the process detailing the findings and to formally close the complaint. A copy of the correspondence is kept in the client file for records and the same is passed to auditor during next audit. The details of all complaints and action taken (Correction, CAPA) are discussed in Management Review and IC meeting.
Any company or organisation who fails to satisfy an audit or surveillance may appea the decision. Where an appeal is received the following procedure will be followed
Results of the appeal will be reported to Director
  • All appeals shall be received by the Technical Manager and details of appeals shall be recorded in the Appeals Register maintained by the Technical Manager.
  • Technical Manager shall investigate the appeal made and inform the client about its plan of action for investigation and action there upon
  • An investigation report (Incident Report) for each individual appeal shall be maintained by the Technical Manager. In case, any further corrective action is required post actions identified and taken based on Incident report – Corrective Action Procedure (P-DGC-107) is implemented.
  • A copy of the investigation report shall be sent to the client.
  • In case of any further ambiguity, the same shall be reviewed by Director and appropriate decision arrived at.
  • In case the issue still remains open; the same shall be intimated to the accreditation board for its valuable comments.
  • All appeals made are collated and analyzed on a yearly basis.
  • Necessary corrective actions shall be taken based on the appeal trend.
  • Appeal trends and corrective action taken shall also be reviewed as part of the Management committee meeting and Impartiality committee meeting.
  • Technical Manager shall ensure that details with respect to the appellant and actions there upon is not shared with the audit team members.
  • Technical Manager shall ensure that no discriminatory action is taken against the appellant.
  • The client is made aware of the appeals process and is available to him on request.
  • In case of an appeal made by a client against a decision made by auditor, Lead auditor or certification committee, the appeal shall be recorded by Quality Manager and forwarded to Appeal Subcommittee. Appeal subcommittee shall review the appeal, investigate (which may include discussion with concerned client, respective auditor / lead auditor and review of audit report). Appeal subcommittee may also direct any other lead auditor to visit the site and determine the validity of the appeal. The decision taken by Appeal subcommittee shall be communicated to the client and to Quality Manager for necessary action. The case is also discussed during the next MRM and Impartiality Committee meeting. In special cases, the case may be discussed with Impartiality Committee members on one-to-one basis.
  • Depending on the nature of the non–conformity, the Quality Manager / Technical Manager may follow up with requests for corrective actions. When the investigation of client complaint and appeal determines that remote operation or other external organizations contributed to the complaint and appeal, the Technical Manager or his delegate contacts these organizations and provides them with all relevant information.
  • Every client complaint and appeal is recorded. The records are maintained by the Quality Manager / Technical Manager. When there are copies of written communication, reports and other documents related to a complaint and appeal, these records are organized into a file and are identified with the complaint and appeal number and also having records of the corresponding corrective action. The records of investigations that concern product quality or other test characteristics are maintained by Technical Manager. Based on analysis of Client / Other Parties complaint and appeal, necessary actions are taken and client is replied for closing the complaint and appeal. Quality Manager identifies need for taking corrective action to prevent such complaint and appeal in future and accordingly concerned person is informed.
  • All the complaint and appeal received by Organization will be closed within 7 working days after receipt of the complaint and appeal. Operation Manager / Technical Manager is authorized for closing of complaint and appeal.

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