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Di halaman ini kami telah mengumpulkan jawaban atas beberapa pertanyaan umum yang kami terima tentang layanan sertifikasi sistem manajemen kami dan topik terkait.

ISO is an abbreviation for the International Organization for Standardization based in Geneva. This organisation issues international standards called ISO.
The certificate documents compliance of a management system implemented in the company with requirements of a particular ISO standard.

Most common motivation for ISO implementation and certification:
  • Acquiring greater market share through the competitive advantage of a better image.
  • Often, it is a prerequisite for winning an important customer.
  • Competitors have a certificate, using it as a competitive advantage.
  • A prerequisite for public contracts.
  • Ensuring verifiable legal compliance.
  • Making implementation and system processes in the company more transparent and stabilized.
  • Reducing the need of operative interventions and problem solving.
  • Defining responsibilities and competencies within the company.
  • Preventing damages and financial losses.
  • Increasing the company’s value.
A request for certification can be applied within any type of organization that wishes to demonstrate that the organization meets customer requirements and legislation and wants to show that it complies with its own established procedures.
One of our auditors will perform the initial audit. Our auditors work in accordance with EN ISO 19011:2011, which describes the guidelines for performing audits of management systems. Furthermore, we select auditors on the basis of specific knowledge and skills in the field and industry.
The costs of a certification are dependent on art of your branch, complexity, size of the organization and the number of standards that you wish to be certified.
Many customers already use an Integrated Management System (IMS) where different standards are combined in one manual.

Many ISO standards overlap each other. For example, the ISO 9001 standard can easily be integrated with ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001. If you are interested in this integration, please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.
Yes, you can easily switch at all times. DGCERT Regsitrars UK LTD. shall, after a successful compliance audit issue a certificate and continue your certification.
DGCERT Registrars UK LTD. offers:
  • A pragmatic approach in conformity with relevant standards.
  • The possibility of certification use Web Application.
  • A non-bureaucratic approach towards our customers.
  • Auditors with extensive knowledge and experience.
  • No unexpected costs and excessive time delays.
  • Worldwide experience.
On the basis of accreditation, DGCERT Registrars UK LTD. is bound to employ a contract period of 3 years and must be audit surveillance periodically (every year). After these 3 years, there will be an automatic re-certification.
It has established a multilateral recognition agreement (MLA) between its accreditation body members, which facilitates trade and reduced risk to business and its customers. Thereby ensuring an accredited certificate may be trusted anywhere in the world.

The objective of the MLA is to cover all accreditation bodies in all countries around the world, so eliminating the need for suppliers of products or services to be certified in each country where they sell their goods. Certified once accepted everywhere.
No, it would be a conflict of interest for DGCERT Registrars UK LTD. to provide training and consulting. However, these services are available through one of our client resource providers.
To ensure that your certificate is valid, perform the following steps:
  • Enter your valid certificate number properly at and then press "send" button.
  • Can use QRCode Reader application on your phone (Android or IOS) then scan the QRCode contained on your certificate.
  • If you're trouble to validate your certificate, please contact us at
Don’t worry. Our ongoing commitment to you is to make sure you don’t forget it! We’ll be keeping in touch with you to make sure that everything is going well after certification. Then we’ll be in touch 3 months before your audit is due to arrange a visit date.

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